Becoming indispensable in times of change

Value added services and work place culture


  • Shannon Nielsen Clark Fork Veterinary Clinic, Deer Lodge, MT 59722



employee development, management, buisiness


We face many challenges in our profession as we strive to provide consistent, scientific, and ethical medical services for our clients. We also find ourselves reassessing work schedules and expectations across generations of clients and coworkers. To navigate these obstacles, culture development is essential. Culture development allows us to form dynamic and high-functioning teams. The strong foundation of the team allows us to provide better services to our clients. Employee development, retention, and management has become more crucial than ever before. In these times of change across our industry, the same principles that allow us to develop culture within our organization can help us become indispensable to our clients. To become indispensable we must adopt a growth-oriented mindset, create intentional culture with our coworkers, create intentional culture with our clients, and build a foundation of trust. This will enable us to market the value that we provide to our clients. In the age of readily available information, we cannot afford to become irrelevant.  






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