Early career practice ownership

An older solution to a newer problem


  • Jennafer M. Glaesemann Blue Valley Veterinary Clinic, 3345 US HWY 136, Beatrice, NE 68310




practice owner, early career practice ownership, veterinary student debt, veterinary starting salary


Financial independence is almost considered a pipedream nowadays among veterinary graduates. Years of disproportionate trends in educational costs and starting salaries have created a gargantuan student debt-to-income ratio. One troubling aspect of this multifaceted issue is the concurrent waning of recent veterinary graduates' interest in practice ownership. While private practice ownership has long been a staple of the profession, contemporary early career veterinarians are turning to internships, advanced specialized training, alternative fields, and careers as associate veterinarians. However, while the veterinary student loan debt debate continues, and as recent veterinary graduates have little control over rising educational costs, early career practice ownership is more relevant than ever. Early career practice ownership is a viable option for financial independence. It is also 1 part of the equation that each individual veterinary graduate can control. While early career practice ownership is not for everyone, this career path should garner strong consideration as a means to retire veterinary student loan debt.






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