Taking the mystery out of food animal surgery for the new graduate


  • Aubrey N. "Nickie” Baird Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907




bovine, surgery


Throughout veterinary school we are instructed on the ideal technique for a number of surgical procedures. You may even consult some of the many good references that are readily available. Unlike my time in veterinary school, you even have internet videos to watch. All of this will do a lot to help you prepare for life after graduation. However, none of your food animal patients will have sat through lectures, read books or watched those same videos so things may not be exactly as you expect when YOU get on the farm. Our goal in this presentation will be to discuss some common procedures and prepare you to do them uncommonly well, even when it is not exactly like the book. Come prepared with questions and we will make this an interactive session. This is not a presentation on antibiotic use. We must certainly be aware of all the changing regulations on appropriate use of antibiotics and never abuse or overuse antibiotics. However, there is a decrease in post-operative complications in many procedures when peri-operative antibiotics are used. Remember these are most effective when first given pre-operatively to reach blood levels prior to making an incision.






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