Study to measure the effect of implanting Holstein steers at various stages of growth and the impact on weight gain and interference with subsequent implants


  • J. C. Gawthrop CalfCare, North Manchester, IN 46962
  • C. M. McKaig CalfCare, North Manchester, IN 46962
  • K. K. Funk CalfCare, North Manchester, IN 46962
  • A. C. Budzinski CalfCare, North Manchester, IN 46962



implants, gains, Holstein, beef cattle, steers


The objective of this study is to quantify the effect of using Component E-C and Component E-S implants in Holstein steers from 50 days of age to 210 days of age. The use of growth promoting implants has been shown to be a beneficial practice in increased rate of gain, increased feed efficiency, and improvement in carcass quality. There are many techniques and schemes for using the various implants to their best advantage. There have not been many published studies concerning the use of implants in young Holstein steers. It has not been established that young Holstein steers benefit from this practice. It has been argued that early implants will lessen the effect of later implants given to Holstein steers.






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