Veterinary Services to Small and Moderate Sized Producers


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The beef industry is steeped in tradition. This is one aspect that draws producers into the industry and entices generation to follow generation. While it is always good to honor tradition, one must adapt to the changing times at the same time. It has been said that change is neither inherently good nor bad, just inevitable. As veterinarians, we also have traditions that shape our industry. It is up to us to shape the practice where we work to make it an acceptable environment where we are willing to work. One area where we must focus is helping our clientele become comfortable with a mind-set that will allow us to provide them the beneficial services we can offer. The practitioner’s challenge is to provide high quality service to their clientele and receive adequate financial compensation for these efforts. Food animal veterinarians are often limited in the price they can levy against a service provided by what that service can add in value to the animal. Thus, to increase revenue to the clinic, a veterinarian either has to perform service more frequently or find alternative services to offer. As the beef industry evolves, the roles we fill as veterinarians to the industry must evolve as well. The size and mind-set of our clients changes, and the demographics of a practice’s client base changes as well. Practices may find themselves driving farther, relying on technology, competing against other sources of knowledge (real or perceived), and being asked to perform or provide services not currently offered. Practices able to do this may find the business more attractive to new associates who seek a position in a multiple doctor, progressive practice.






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