Practical Aspects of Accelerated Feeding of Dairy Calves


  • N. G. Anderson Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Elora, ON N0B IS0



accelerated feeding, milk delivery system, nutrition, ad libitum


Classic accelerated feeding refers to enhanced nutrition compared to conventional (restricted) feeding; for example, milk replacer with 26% protein rather than 20%, a mixing ratio of 170 grams per litre rather than 125, and feeding volumes of five litres per day rather than four litres. Greater protein, mixing ratio, and volume results in greater weight and stature at weaning compared to conventional feeding. Recently, accelerated feeding has taken on new meaning thanks to some old and some new milk delivery systems. These systems enhance a calf’s feeding experience by allowing individual calves to achieve their biological growth in addition to meeting their physiological and behavioral needs. Ad libitum feeding may be the new paradigm for accelerated feeding because ad libitum systems mimic more closely nature’s way and compliment group housing. This presentation looks at a few practical aspects of accelerated feeding in its various forms.






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