Effective Diverse Culture Workforce Styles


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Ag businesses, diverse, external consultant, communication, culture, learning


It is a well understood fact that agricultural enterprises in the US have begun managing cultures to build better teams and more effective and efficient workforces. Ag businesses are challenged to produce positive results through management of diverse cultures. These businesses are not alone, as their external consultants, such as veterinarians, nutritionists, and other industry providers, are also facing interaction with people of diverse cultures. Language differences and cultural differences cause the communication challenges in this business environment. There also have been challenges due to managers and owners being put into a position of managing larger and larger groups of people for the first time. There have also been challenges due to the fact that a culture in itself is built, or needs to be built, within the agricultural enterprise when a group of people or employees come together. A lot of progress is being made in our businesses from leaders and employees alike taking on the challenge of learning from each other and trying to create better places for people to work and produce outstanding results, which should be two of the main objectives of any agricultural business today. Following are some aspects we need to consider to effectively manage the diverse culture workforce styles to build stronger organizations.






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