Mannan-oligosaccharides and other Non-antibiotic Alternatives to the Management of Enteric Disease of Cattle


  • J. D. Quigley Diamond V Mills, Inc., 838 1st Street Nw, Cedar Rapids, IA 52407-4570



feed additives, intestinal bacteria, yeast cell components, production


The relationship between nutrition, immunity and animal productivity has become more clear. Non-antibiotic feed additives are increasingly popular to maintain or stimulate intestinal and systemic immunity and maintain high levels of animal production. Yeast cell components, particularly mannan-oligosaccharides and B-glucan, have been evaluated as means of manipulating intestinal bacterial populations, stimulating immune response and promoting optimal production. To date, little published research exists in adult cattle regarding the use of either compound to improve milk production, intake or efficiency. It is still unclear whether either compound escapes ruminal degradation. However, some data, particularly with B-glucan, suggests that the compound has functional activity in adult ruminants. The objective of this presentation is to review some of the more recent data related to the use of yeast cell components in supporting optimal production in calves and cattle.






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