Creating careers, not just jobs


  • Michael Whitehair Abilene Animal Hospital, P.A., 320 NE 14th St., Abilene, KS 67410



practice management, boomers, millennial


When the baby boomer generation first began looking for employment decades ago, they had the mindset that they would be starting a career, which would involve taking ownership, responsibility, dedication and a time investment in order to achieve personal satisfaction as well as having strong ties to the community and professional associations. The mindset of the millennial generation differs, however, as many are just looking for a job and value their leisure at a higher level than previous generations. This can create a challenge for baby boomers who want to recruit hires who have a similar work ethic and who will eventually take over the practice. This paper will make observations and suggestions about how this gap can be addressed so that employers can identify and attract new hires who associate work with being a career and not just a job, which allows practices to continue offering a high level of service to their clients.






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