The latest on lameness treatments for practicing veterinarians


  • Gerard Cramer University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN 55108



lameness, hoof lesions, treatment


As a recent graduate, treating lame cows can be a practice growth opportunity that allows you to show your clinical acu­men and be a gateway to providing more consultative services as part of a foot health team. To seize this practice growth op­portunity, practitioners need to have a clear understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of common foot disorders. Current treatment strategies are not overly complex, however, the ma­jority lack large-scale scientific evidence leading to a variety of opinions and approaches among stakeholders. There are some key principles that should be considered when treating lame cows to reduce pain as soon as possible and to prevent chronic­ity. These key principles include early and appropriate inter­vention and appropriate aftercare. Practitioners who seize this opportunity will become a valuable part of a farm’s team and greatly improve the welfare of cattle.




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