Various uses of pivot tables in practice including calculating ProSal salaries


  • Alan D. Martens Waupun Veterinary Services LLP, Waupun, WI 53916 Vet Integration LLC, owned by Waupun Veterinary Services, Waupun, WI 53916



production pay, pivot table, Excel


The author implemented a production pay system within his veterinary practice, Waupun Veterinary Services LLP, in which partners and senior veterinarians are compensated for 2 differ­ent activities. First, a percentage of client invoices is returned to the veterinarian who generated the invoice. Second, activities that benefit the overall health of the practice are compensated. These activities include nights, weekends and holiday on-call, in-clinic management, vacation, continuing education and student/ new hire mentoring. A pivot table within Excel® is used to sum­marize the data on a monthly basis. Other applications of Excel and pivot tables within the partnership are presented. They in­clude customized client product and services breakout per client requests, aged receivables management, and invoice develop­ment from pharmaceutical distributors to client invoices within Sage® accounting. The later invoicing requires no data entry by office staff. All the Excel applications save office labor and in­crease accuracy by eliminating manual data entry and transfer.






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