Evaluation of an Air-Powered Vaccine Delivery System


  • Alvin J. Edwards Department Clinical Sciences, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, KS 66505
  • G. L. Stokka Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506




adverse effects, drug delivery systems, haemorrhage, injection, instruments, intramuscular injection, muscles, pathology


The BallistiVet delivery system (BallistiVet Inc., Minneapolis, USA) has been patented as a system for the non-lethal ballistic implantation of biologicals and pharmaceuticals in animals. Tanimalshe 25-calibre hydroxypropylcellulose bullets have a hollow space where the product, such as freeze-dried vaccine, is placed for delivery. The equipment was evaluated by firing a total of 32 bullets at different angles (45 and 90°) and distances (15, 20 and 25 feet) into the neck and legs of 3 sedated 400-lb beef calves. The animals were then killed and PM examinations carried out. Some of the bullets fired at 45° appeared to bounce off the skin without penetrating, other bullets caused severe tissue destruction and haemorrhage. Only 10 bullets were recovered from muscle tissue. It was concluded that the bullets were too destructive to be considered as suitable for the delivery of biological or pharmaceutical products.




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Edwards, A. J., & Stokka, G. L. (2019). Evaluation of an Air-Powered Vaccine Delivery System. The Bovine Practitioner, 1993(27), 47–49. https://doi.org/10.21423/bovine-vol1993no27p47-49