Conducting successful on farm clinical trials


  • Michael Capel Perry Veterinary Clinic, Perry, NY 14530



research, trials, client service


One of the greatest values we can bring to our clients is information and the ability to apply that information to their farm business for the improvement of the lives of their cattle and employees, and their financial wellbeing. Our knowledge base comes from a variety of sources, each with their own strengths and limitations. Scientific literature, presentations at professional meetings, our own clinical observations, and networking with colleagues provide the source for most of our knowledge base. When we are unable to find answers, on-farm clinical trials can serve as an immensely valuable resource. Conducted properly, this tool can provide timely, targeted, and specific answers to important questions. However, caution is necessary before embarking on this journey. It is important to remember that trials are very involved, time consuming and a great deal of work. Failure to properly design, execute, and interpret data from an on-farm trial can be frustrating, expensive, and detrimental to the farm. On-farm trials represent a great opportunity for veterinarians to provide valuable information to their clients, but should be conducted with great planning and oversight.






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