Using DC 305 to help your clients achieve success


  • Michael Capel Perry Veterinary Clinic, Perry, NY 14530



Dairy Comp 305, management, success


Dairy Comp 305 is a dairy management software program designed to help producers manage the cows on their farm. It allows the user to record important pieces of information about each cow for later retrieval and use by dairy employees and consultants. Veterinarians, through their understanding of biology, animal husbandry and farm operations, are uniquely qualified to help producers utilize this program to manage their farms, monitor trends, and intervene quickly when problems arise. Additionally, management programs like Dairy Comp 305 will be critical in helping farms remain compliant with regulatory guidelines. Veterinarians can help farms design and implement data recording, generate “action” lists of cows requiring management intervention, provide concise and easy reports to evaluate disease trends, and regularly monitor reproduction and milk production. A sound understanding of dairy management software opens considerable opportunities for the engaged practitioner to demonstrate value and help their clients achieve success.






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