Cover image of the Proceedings of the 16th Annual Convention: Cover image is four photos which symbolize the main industries of Oklahoma (clockwise from upper right: a photo of beef cattle from the James Williams farm, Morrison, OK, a photo of an oil rig at sunset, and a boat skimming across the lake, and a photo of a combine harvester on golden fields) all placed on a white and grey negative image of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The journal name and ennumeration is listed in the middle right.

Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Convention, American Association of Bovine Practitioners. November 28-December 1, 1983, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Editor: Eric I. Williams

Published: 1983-11-28

General Session I

General Session IV

Feedlot Split Session I

Cow-Calf /Feedlot Split Session II

Cow-Calf Split Session I

Dairy Split Session II

Research Summaries